Steps Involved in Mold Remediation in Franklin, WI

For those who are wondering what are the steps followed by professional contractors for mold remediation in Franklin, WI (or for any location for that matter), here are the general steps they employed for effective results:

1. Wearing Protective Gear – Before starting with the task, a mold removal professional wears protective gear (clothing and equipment) such as a dust filter mask or respirator, goggles, gloves, and protective clothing that can easily be disposed of, to ensure the health safety.
2. Containing Mold Spores – Most especially if the area covered by mold is large, containing it is necessary and done by sealing the room off to avoid any mold spores from spreading to the rest of the property.
3. Setting Up Negative Pressure – this includes the installation of exhaust fans that can be used to blow the air out the house. This will help to remove the mold spores out from the house instead of letting them stir up inside during the removal process
4. Removing Mold – This includes the application of moisture to any dry mold growth. Dry molds allow many more spores to escape into the air when disturbed.
5. Preventing Mold From Returning – A mold killing solution is used to clean the surfaces that had mold growth. This step is aimed to make no place for mold to return where they can go back and dwell again.
6. Cleaning Belongings – Includes cleaning other belongings that also have mold in them. Items like glass, metal, hard plastic are cleaned. With porous materials such as drywall, carpets, and books, the homeowner shall decide on whether or not to dispose such items and replace them with new ones.
7. HEPA Vacuuming – once all of the areas are cleaned, a mold removal professional will dry vacuum the place with a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner. This is to remove any residual spores and mold.
8. Disposing Mold – Lastly, the disposal of the molds is done. Mold is completely sealed inside plastic bags and removed out of the house.

Above shows what mold remediation in Franklin, WI involves a pretty complex process and it is just fitting to hire a professional to do it, rather than a do-it-yourself approach.

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