Tips for hoarding clean up in West Allis, WI

Having a hoarder tenant is one of the most challenging issues that a property owner can face. Aside from the potential health risk of things accumulating inside a property bring about, they are also a pain in the neck, but most of all they bring potential damage to the property and other tenants.

One challenge for a property owner is to determine if a renter or tenant is indeed a hoarder. There are clear signs that can be looked at to do that, such as when a tenant acquires large numbers of useless items and the refusal to get rid of them, as well as cluttering the area to the point that it can no longer be used for its intended purpose. The hoarding cleanup process is as challenging as dealing with a tenant as there is a lot of work to be done and could take time.

Here are some tips that can help hoarding cleanup in West Allis, WI:

  • Come prepared with cleaning gear – it is imperative that a cleaner wears the appropriate cleaning gear, which includes gloves and face masks to protect from the exposure of biohazards common in a hoarder’s area including Staph, E.coli, Hantavirus, and Histoplasmosis. Remember that hoarding cleanup protective equipment should be one of your highest priorities.
  • Item segregation – the basic segregation of hoarded items is separating them into three categories: (1) items to keep, (2) items to donate, and (3) items to throw away. Items that haven’t been used in years can be donated and items that are damaged or broken should be put to trash.
  • Ask help from a professional hoarding cleanup service provider – hoarding cleanups most especially those that involve large quantities need a professional’s help. A quality hoarding cleanup company has the manpower and expertise to get the job done.

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