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Working with a Milwaukee Mold Inspector

A mold inspector should be called in after a disaster if there is any risk that mold may be present in a home or commercial building.

While mold inspection kits are available at home improvement stores, these may not be as accurate as a professional test. A professional mold inspector can also recommend the proper cleaning techniques to rid the property of any spores that could lead to further damage or illness for those exposed to them.

Potential Health Effects from Mold Exposure

Mold testing should be used any time you have been exposed to a significant amount of mold to determine your risk of health effects.

  • Mold in house can cause allergy symptoms when present in small amounts, which can lead to discomfort but will not necessarily cause bodily harm. These symptoms can typically be managed with antihistamines and regular cleaning.
  • Exposure to high concentrations of spores can lead to irritant effects such as congestion, wheezing, dry hacking cough, burning rashes on the skin or red and watery eyes. Those that have severe allergies to mold may experience shortness of breath or hay fever symptoms. Regular experience to mold may also lower your immune system, increasing the risk of viral or bacterial infection. Those with asthma may see an increase in attacks when exposed to mold.
  • Mold removal Milwaukee is essential to prevent severe health concerns associated with long-term exposure to spores. This may lead to memory problems, headaches, body aches and pains or nosebleeds.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above you should seek medical attention right away. You may need a course of medication to help clear mold spores from your body. A mold inspector should also be called to evaluate the source of the exposure.

You may need to relocate until the mold can be sufficiently cleaned to prevent further symptoms.

Techniques for Managing Mold

Small mold growths can often be managed with careful cleaning and maintenance techniques.

  • Any porous or absorbent surfaces that have become contaminated with mold will need to be disposed of. Mold will fill the empty spaces on these items, making it almost impossible to clean these items completely.
  • Mold that appears on hard surfaces should be scrubbed away using detergent and water. Allow this area to dry completely before replacing any wall coverings or furniture.
  • Any plumbing leas or water problems should be repaired as quickly as possible. Areas that are flooded or consistently moist significantly increase your risk of mold growth.
  • A mold detection kit can be purchased to help you check for mold in the walls or in areas with low visibility. This can also help you determine the extent of the mold so you can determine if the damage will require professional attention.

Mold remediation Milwaukee services should be used to help manage any extensive damage or items you are unsure of how to clean. Items of sentimental value such as furniture or paintings should be trusted to a professional cleaning staff to avoid permanent damage to these items.

Situations which Require a Mold Inspector

If you already have visible mold you will not require mold testing, but if your home has been exposed to conditions such as flooding you should have an inspector check for and potential dangers.

  • A mold inspector can be used if you are unsure if mold spores are present in your home. You should call immediately for an inspection if you notice the smell of mold but do not see any spores on the walls or items in your home.
  • If someone in your house is showing signs of mold exposure but you have not noticed mold present in your home an inspection should be performed. This may indicate that mold is present behind the walls or in the air.
  • Mold inspection is necessary to test for spores that have not yet set, increasing your risk of damage. An inspection can also be performed to determine if toxic or “black” mold is present.
  • If a mold inspector determines that mold is present, the company will determine what type of mold treatment would be most appropriate to clear away the contaminants.

Mold remediation and inspection is often mandated by Milwaukee real estate agents or leasing companies before the sale of a property. This ensures that those moving into a residence will not be exposed to or blamed for the presence of mold.

Official Mold Remediation Standards

Mold contamination and damages will require further inspection before remediation can be administered to ensure all spores will be removed.

  • The remediation surface must show evidence of mold contamination during the inspection. You are welcome to request post-treatment sampling to ensure that spores have been adequately removed.
  • A variety of mold cleanup strategies will typically be administered to the space to remove spores from a variety of hard and porous surfaces.
  • Mold removal may include the use of a wet vacuum, damp wipes, high efficiency particulate vacuum or discarding the affected items.
  • Any bedding, window drapes or clothing should be washed according to the manufactures instructions. If possible you should wash these items with bleach to ensure that any remaining spores have been removed.

tems such as books, paper, cellulose insulation, ceiling tiles, fiberglass insulation or swollen wallboard should be discarded if they were exposed to mold. If these items have sentimental value they can be photocopied or frozen as an effort to kill off any remaining spores.

Other surfaces can be cleaned with a wet vacuum to remove any remaining moisture then treated with chemicals to kill off any remaining spores. Rooms that have spores in the air will typically require additional ventilation to remove any excess moisture that could create a comfortable environment for mold to grow.

The costs of hiring a mold inspector or remediation service may be reimbursed if there is evidence that the mold was caused by a disaster, such as a flood. Other costs will be determined through a contract prior to service to ensure clients understand services that will be rendered.

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