Water Damage Restoration

If you are experiencing water retention in your property, we want to help you get things back in order as quickly as possible.

  • Water damage can come from a variety of sources– from poor weather to leaking pipes. When this occurs, you need a professional service to help you remove this water as quickly as possible.
  • Leaving standing water in your home opens you up to the risk of severe property damage and health risks. You want to make sure that the affected areas are dried out thoroughly— to prevent moisture from continuing to damage your property.

It is not enough to remove the water from a flood damaged home. You will need a professional company to seek out the source of this damage– to make sure that it will not happen again a few months later.

Mold Remediation

Homes that have experienced water damage are also at risk for experiencing damage from mold.

  • Mold is a natural microorganism that is in the environment so it is impossible to completely eradicate it. Instead, professionals focus on removing anything that could encourage its growth.
  • A mold infestation can irritate allergies, make it difficult to get clean air and lead to disease, so you should work to remove mold from your property as soon as you discover it.

A crew that is addressing water damage will work to dry out the area to ensure that the damaged room does not wind up filled with mold. They will also recommend any objects that should be removed because they are at risk for mold damage.

Flood Damage Restoration

A home that has been flooded should be treated with the highest level of care— to ensure that a property is not at risk for mold or moisture retention.

  • Our service includes dehumidification, water removal, water damage repair and water remediation.
  • We also provide a holistic service that can take on any type of damage that your property may have experienced. This will dry out your structure and dehumidify any standing water, as quickly as possible.

Bacteria can grow and spread rapidly in standing water, particularly if this water is contaminated with sewage. Our remediation team will make sure that your water supply and home are free from contamination— to avoid the growth of any contaminants that could make you sick.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage should be addressed quickly because the chemicals in the air after a fire can be dangerous to anyone that is exposed to it.

  • Cleaning away the soot and char from a fire is also essential to prevent damaging any goods that were not burned.
  • In many cases, water and chemical damage after a fire is more advanced than the damage from the blaze, and these will require different cleaning techniques than the areas that are charred.

Our fire damage restoration crews can clean any surfaces that were damaged to ensure that contaminants will not grow in these materials. We will do our best to remove any stains that could ruin your belongings and result in more damage throughout your home, as these materials are known to spread.

Mold Inspector

If you suspect that your home is at risk for mold, our professional staff can help you determine your risk.

  • An amateur may not have all of the equipment necessary to do a thorough inspection of a property for mold, which could leave you vulnerable.
  • Our team and a mold inspector can identify any areas already exposed to mold, remove any mold present, restore mold damage and detect areas that are humid and at risk for future mold growth.

Those that require mold remediation should act quickly. Spores from mold are incredibly easy to spread so it is important that you get these concerns under control as quickly as possible.

Mold Inspection and Testing

Testing for mold is an easy task for those that have the professional expertise to check the property thoroughly.

  • We can test all areas that are at risk for mold, based on the moisture levels and previous damage to the room.
  • Our testing kits include identifiers for many kinds of mold, ranging from the most common to those that are rarely seen in your area— to ensure that no potential threats are missed.
  • We will carefully outline any risks we see and inform you what steps you can take to avoid a mold infestation.

If it is determined that you have a mold growth in your home, we can outline all of your options for having it removed. This includes any follow-up care you might need to ensure that there is no re-occurrence of mold growth.


Water Damage Areas Served