Hoarding Clean Up West Allis, WI

Looking for a company that offers hoarding clean up West Allis WI? You have come to the right place. Marathon 24Hr Restoration is the name you can trust when it comes to this job. It has years of experience addressing various kinds of clutters brought about by hoarding of items.

Problems associated with hoarding

  • Junks accumulate causes obstructions to daily living
  • Potential health risks most especially if the hoarder keeps items that are perishable
  • Potential physical injury (e.g. falling pile of junk)
  • Severe cases of hoarding can negatively affect not just the property owner but other people in the neighborhood as well, which could end up in a courtroom battle

How Marathon 24hr Restoration can help

  • We help identify usable materials from trash. The challenge why items accumulate inside a property is simply because the owner is having a hard time to segregate items – the challenge of identifying the ones that deserve keeping and throwing items that have no longer use. With our hoarding cleanup process, we can effectively help separate items you have based on their use, throwing away those that are not needed.
  • We make your facility clean and sanitary. Our cleaning technicians are highly trained so that after the cleaning, we leave a facility that is not only spotless clean but sanitary as well. This helps ensure that after the clean up, you have a place that is free from contamination, avoiding a potential health hazard. Our cleaning process promotes health and safety.
  • 24/7 emergency service available. There are quite a number of providers that offer hoarding clean up West Allis WI but not so many are offering a round the clock service. At Marathon 24hr Restoration, you are assured of having cleaning technicians that are available anytime in a day, every day. Our emergency cleanup service is meant to cater to clients needing our service day or night.

For more information about our hoarding clean up West Allis WI, contact us today. Call us at (888) 633-4495

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