Hoarder cleaning Milwaukee

We have had quite a number of hoarding cleanup cases in the past. There were those that were just easy to clean up, while others were quite challenging. However, with the expert team, all of the hoarder cleaning Milwaukee we managed those projects successfully and generated happy clients.

If you are planning to hire a company for hoarder cleaning in your property, try our hoarding cleanup service here at Marathon 24hr Restoration. With decades of experience we have serving the industry, you will surely receive a kind of service that every good paying customer deserves.

With our hoarder cleaning Milwaukee, we see to it that all unhealthy stuff that can hold a variety of potential health hazards are removed.

We make sure also, while removing all the accumulated items, we follow our tried and tested segregation process for effective separation of the disposable from the recyclable and reusable.

And we do not simply clean/remove the stuff seen by our naked eye; we see to it that the place is disinfected to make sure that all of disease-causing remnants are removed.

We can take care of each aspect of the clean up and that includes mold remediation and water damage repair.

We do the cleaning with compassion as we understand that hoarding cases need professional and respectful service.

What to do with your stuff?

Our hoarder cleaning service extends beyond clearing your space of accumulated stuff as we also educate our clients on ways to keep it clean and clutter-free. Through, hoarding is considered a psychological issue that needs treatment, we have experienced in the past improvements on side of our clients when it comes to management of items after clean up.

Working with us, clients are able to learn how to properly handle things according their use. For instance, they can learn which items can be:

  • Kept – Things that are actually used in a regular basis
  • Donated – Items that are still in shape but could be of good use by other people
  • Trashed – Items that can no longer be used by anyone, for anything
  • Recycled – Items can be used to make other useful items/ can be donated to recycling facilities

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